Alfie turns 6 and Aunt Fifi organises a birthday party.

Enter Gunilla Bergström's whimsical universe in this dramatised reading with Linda Elvira as the narrator and Aunt Fiffi.

Author: Gunilla Bergstrøm
Director: Kristian Holm-Joensen
Actor: Linda Elvira

Playgrounds: libraries, kindergartens etc
Also played outside, weather permitting.
Age group: 3-5 years

Booking: or tel: +45 23 43 55 79
Price: DKK 6.000 ,-including transport(for 2 performances on the same day, 50% discount on performance number two. For more than 1 performance, 10% discount)
The performance is refundable.
Duration: 25 minutes

Playing area is 3,5 x 3,5 meters ex. Spectator seating, for which the organiser is responsible.
Plays for max 50 spectators
No blackout required.
Set-up time: 45 minutes
Dismantling time: 30 minutes