Alfons can't sleep and Dad does everything he can to fulfill his son's wishes.

Enter Gunilla Bergstrøm's whimsical universe in this dramatized reading with Linda Elvira as reader and Alfie Atkins' iconic father.

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Author: Gunilla Bergstrom

Actor: Linda Elvira
Director: Kristian Holm-Joensen
Venues: libraries, kindergartens etc
(Also played outside, weather permitting)
Age group: 2-5 years

Price: DKK 4.500 ,-excl. transportation(for 2 performances on the same day, 50% discount on the second performance.When purchasing more than 1 performance on different days, 10% discount is given)

Duration: 25 minutes

Playing area is 3.5 x 3.5 meters + 2.4 meters in height - excluding spectator seating, which is the responsibility of the organizer.
Plays for max 50 spectators
Does not require blackout.
Set-up time: 90 minutes
Dismantling time: 45 minutes

Review of the performance "Birthday party, Alfie Atkins!"
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